Emmanuel's Story

Emmanuel's Story

Kibungo, Rwanda

I have found forgiveness and healing for the things I have done.

In a small village in Kibungo, Rwanda, Kyle Jaster met with Pariti Emmanuel and heard about a life transformed and of hope born out of the devastating, violent and tragic Rwandan Genocide.

I found out about Emmanuel’s story in early 2015 through a letter he sent to our Alpha office in Rwanda. The letter was short and concise – two paragraphs in length – recapping the last twenty-one years of his life. It was simple, in fact so simple that it wasn’t until my second or third time through it that I could begin to understand the profound implications of the words I was reading.

Emmanuel explained that he had spent many years in prison for his crimes in the 1994 Genocide, and that during his time in prison had found out about Jesus, became a Christian, and sought forgiveness from the relatives of those he had murdered. He wrote of how Alpha had been a part of his journey and that he was now helping to start Alpha in many different churches in his own community.

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